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It represents an exclusive opportunity for:

  • Identify the best Strategies to apply in your business reality and learn about the outcomes of concrete Experiences initiated.
  • Evaluate costs and benefits, critical issues and outcomes of Projects implemented against Technology Investments
  • Find out what innovations, trends and business-supporting technologies are changing the industry.
  • Evaluate popular models for integrating data from different systems

The event where Utilities meet, compare, update and discuss current opportunities, challenges and obstacles in the industry.

Do you want to learn about CREDITSUITE, the innovative credit management and recovery platform?

On the occasion of the event, we decided to offer informational meetings with our experts regarding the important new features and evolution of the suite in the 2023 version.

BOOK YOUR Appointment to find out how CREDITSUITE can provide all-around support to businesses in credit management, enabling them to integrate and govern all operational phases (ordinary-judicial-judicial), from invoicing to communication cycles for the recovery of outstanding debts.

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October 17, 2023

15 meetings available

To participate
check_circleBook your dedicated meeting with our experts
check_circleCome visit us at booth #8 to understand with us how CreditSuite simplifies strategic processes and ensures business growth.

What topics we will cover:

  • how to manage liquidity risk
  • How to deal with debt collection actions, in compliance with industry regulations and directives (Arera Utilities)
  • How to improve debt collection activities, maintaining proximity to customers by having a complete picture of exposure, and activating fast and timely actions on overdue clusters
  • How to manage and govern the whole process
  • How to resolve disputes faster and reduce the average time to collection and out-of-court and court recovery actions
  • How to leverage digital technology for dynamic, automated governance of operations and business sustainability.

We will outline the updates of “internal/trusted” processes with special reference to the “dynamic workflow” module , enhanced in the latest version and adapted to the latest regulations and directives in force.


CREDITSUITE has the following verticals:

  • Electricity – Gas
  • Water
  • Banking and financial services
  • Insurance
  • Telco
  • Highway
  • Law firms
  • Debt Collection Company
  • Public Entities PAL – PAC.

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