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Debt collection in the B2C sector

recupero crediti stragiudiziale
Introduction Debt collection is a complex and delicate activity that requires specific skills and a thorough knowledge of current regulations. In the case of B2C debt collection, that is, in…

3 ways to speed up debt collection

scritta velocizzare il recupero crediti
Debt collection is critical to the financial success of any business, but it can be complex. This is where innovative strategies and solutions come into play to accelerate and simplify…

CVA chooses CreditSuite software

CVA sceglie il Software CreditSuite per il recupero e gestione crediti
CVA outsources implementation of CreditSuite service to DigitalSuite CVA has selected CreditSuite as its cloud-based software solution for managing the Companies’ Credit Operation Management processes. Milan, Sept. 13, 2023: As…

AUDAX chooses CreditSuite

AUDAX sceglie CreditSuite
AUDAX contracts DigitalSuite to implement CreditSuite service AUDAX has selected CreditSuite as its cloud-based software solution for managing companies’ Credit Operation Management processes. Milan, June 28, 2023 : as part…

Debt collection utilities: tracking-recommendation

tracking-raccomandata nel processo del recupero crediti
The importance of tracking the registered letter in compliance with ARERA regulations Managing and recovering debts in the utilities sector, is a complex challenge today as customer insolvency has become…

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