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CreditSuite is multi-corporate, modular and can be configured according to different needs, reducing the time and cost of activation.

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Digital Services for Credit Management

CreditSuite is a service platform created to provide all-around support to businesses in credit management. A single tool that can integrate and govern all processes, from billing to legal communication cycles for recovering outstanding debts.

By automating the monitoring-stress-detachment processes and managing theactivation of extrajudicial and judicial debt collection, CreditSuite helps companies “govern” credit as a strategic business process.

The best all-in-one software on the market

Automated workflow for multi-departmental management

Dynamic workflow configuration by company, customer, product
Payment reconciliation management
Integrated multi-channel communications system
Installment and return plans
Integration with rating databases
Automatic collection with reminders by credit type
Automatic document generation
Ticketing, complaint handling and response

Why choose CreditSuite?

Automated governance of processes and third parties involved

Acceleration of actions and reduction of errors

Improved cash flow and KPIs (DSO reduction and % past due)

Improved know-how and governance of practices

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Verticalisation by markets

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Integrated CMOR

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Dynamic tracking ESITI recommended

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Mobile App for payments

CreditSuite Mobile Payment is the app to make payments easier, simpler and faster.

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